About Us

Weardale Community Transport Ltd (WCT) is based in the Weardale Hub, in Stanhope Front Street. WCT was set up in 2005 by Weardale Community Partnership Ltd (WCP) in response to a locally identified need for accessible and flexible transport. We currently operate on a “Section 19” licence, which means that you must be a member of WCT to use our vehicles; this is an annual charge of £2 for individuals and £5 for groups.

Roof of England Bus

Due to lack of public transport provision in Weardale , a pilot scheme was set up to provide a reliable transport link between Crook, Stanhope (Weardale) and Alston (Cumbria). This service operates on a “Section 22” licence, which means that we can pick up members of the public at a bus stop.

The first year 2011 was a great success , with word spreading fast . So after further demand from the public we ran the service again . The Roof of England Service Bus is becoming more popular every year.

If you have any enquiries regarding any of our vehicles or the service we provide do not hesitate to get in contact with us:
Tel: 01388 528777
Email: office@the-wcp.org.ukvikki@weardalecommunitytransport.org.uk elaine@weardalecommunitytransport.org.uk

Vikki / Elaine
85b Front Street
County Durham
DL13 2UB